Professor Neil Malamuth in the News!

What Experts Know About Men Who Rape (NY Times) by Heather Murphy

NY Times - He sat by his phone, skeptical that it would ring. “I didn’t think that anyone would want to respond,” said Samuel D. Smithyman, now 72 and a clinical psychologist in South Carolina.

But the phone did ring. Nearly 200 times.

Tara Norris '11

Tara Norris

Tara Norris (B.A. Political Science, ’11) is an attorney who is currently working as a law clerk for a federal appellate judge.


Nick Matthews '13

Nick Matthews


Nick Matthews (B.A. Political Science and History ’13) is a full-time instructor of speech and forensics at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA.


Dean Florez '87

Dean Florez


Senator Florez is one of UCLA’s most distinguished alumni. A successful Senator, he has long advocated for many important issues, including increasing access to higher education through innovative technologies, combating climate change, and cleaning California’s air.

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CS Alumna Avriel Epps in the News!

Traditional music companies have yet to realize the full financial and cultural potential of hip-hop and rap, a UCLA-led study suggests. When it comes to the type of artists that get signed, recorded and heavily promoted, the big record labels often overlook what researchers call “pro-social” themes.

CS Lecturer Celia Feramisco Featured in “The Real Mad Men of Advertising” Documentary

The award-winning television drama "Mad Men" ran for seven seasons and gave audiences an all-access glimpse into the world of advertising in America during the tumultuous decade of the 1960s. It was inspired by the real men and women of Madison Avenue who perfected the art of the sale and transformed American culture in the process.

A collection of “Mad Men” costumes and props was recently donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington DC, and is being featured as part of an exhibit on American culture.  

CS Lecturer Celia Feramisco Featured in “The Read Mad Men of Advertising” Documentary pt. 3
CS Lecturer Celia Feramisco Featured in “The Read Mad Men of Advertising” Documentary pt. 2