Professor Yoomi Chin in the news!

Eileen Matthews has created advertisements using national brands including Kleenex and McDonalds. However, her ads aren’t meant to sell tissues or burgers – instead, they’re a form of art and activism.

Matthews, a Los Angeles-based freelance advertising copy writer, created the Instagram project “100 Days of Feminist Ads” on April 4, a form of creative endeavor in which a person commits to doing something for 100 days and shares their work on social media.

NY Times: UCLA ranks number one out of 64 top-tier colleges for creating upward mobility for alumni.

The median family income of a student from U.C.L.A. is $104,900, and 48% come from the top 20 percent. About 5.6% of students at U.C.L.A. came from a poor family but became a rich adult.

CS Professor Tom Miller in the News!

Daily Bruin - Roy Scheider was an actor, not a debate coach. So when the actor was cast to play a debate coach in “Listen to Me,” he sought help from UCLA senior lecturer and debate team coach Thomas Miller.

In order to prepare for his role in the 1989 film, Scheider attended several of Miller’s lectures. UCLA’s debate team let Scheider travel with the team members to observe Miller’s coaching style in the months before filming, Miller said. 

Comm Studies major Mackenzie Possee appointed as 2017-2018 Editor-in-Chief for the Daily Bruin!

An assistant photography editor was appointed the next editor in chief of the Daily Bruin, following confirmation by the UCLA Communications Board on Monday night.

Mackenzie Possee, a second-year communications studies student, received the staff endorsement at a hearing Friday night.

She will become the second consecutive third-year student to serve in the role, following current Editor-in-Chief Tanner Walters, who was the first to do so since 2001. Possee is the first editor in chief to come from The Bruin’s photography department in more than a decade.

COMM ST 148 - Integrated Marketing Communication

In this course, we will learn about marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, and branding strategies.  You with create an integrated marketing communications plan for a product of your choosing, in order to demonstrate how to best position it in the market to achieve maximum results.

COMM ST 110 - Gender and Communication

This interesting course examines how communication, gender and culture form a matrix that influences an individual's identity.  Throughout the class students focus upon the ways in which communication is involved in creating, negotiating, and performing gendered identities and how this process reproduces and/or challenges contemporary social values and norms.

COMM ST 105 - Conspiracy Theories, Media, and Middle East

Background knowledge of Middle East not required. Through mass and digital media, conspiracy theories reshape politics and society around world. Although globally widespread, they find particularly fertile ground in Middle East. Definition, identification, and analysis of conspiracy theories as they appear in media of Muslim societies. Interdisciplinary approach to question of what conspiracy theories tell about relationship between media and society in Middle East. Case studies, such as conspiracies about 9/11, to be taken from Middle Eastern media sources in English translation.

COMM ST 141 - Films of Persuasion: Social and Political Advocacy in Mass Society

Films of Persuasion: Social and Political Advocacy in Mass Society.  Films often provide commentary about public issues. Examination of how films communicate to large audiences about history, society, and politics. Critical evaluation of these works to understand power and limitations of films as social persuasion.  


Frank Loy '50

Frank Loy


Any list of distinguished UCLA Debate Union alumni would be remiss without mention of esteemed US ambassador, business executive, attorney, and activist, Frank E. Loy.