Launch of the 2017-18 UCLA Digital Archiving Visitor Speaker Series

On Friday, October 13, 2017, 55 people gathered in the Jan Popper Theater at University of California, Los Angeles’s Schoenberg Music Building to participate in the inaugural session of the UCLA Digital Archiving Collective’s visiting speaker series on “Issues in Digital Archiving.” Sponsored by the UCLA Interdisciplinary and Cross-Campus Affairs office, the event focused on the theme of “Collection Sustainability,” featuring presentations by Arnold Hirshon (Associate Provost and University Librarian at Case Western Reserve University); David Seubert (Curator and Audio Archivist at UC Santa Barbara Cylinder Audio Archive); Mark Turner (Professor of Cognitive Science at Case Western and codirector of the Red Hen Lab); and Pamela Vadakan (Project Manager for California Revealed at UC Berkeley). Presentations were followed by a roundtable discussion with representatives from six campus departments, including Aaron Bittel and Maureen Russell (UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive); Callie Holmes and Matthew Vest (UCLA Music Library); Michelle Caswell (Department of Information Studies); Tim Groeling and Francis Steen (Department of Communication Studies); Xaviera Flores (Chicano Studies Research Center); and T-Kay Sangwand (UCLA Digital Library Project). The event generated productive conversation on issues ranging from funding sources to collection priorities and potential collaborations at regional, national, and global scales. Additional installments in the series are scheduled for December 8th, February 9th, and April 6th. All events open to the members of the larger campus community and general public. The UCLA Digital Archiving Collective is a cross-campus organization with members from UCLA’s Department of Information Studies; Department of Communication Studies; Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media; Center for Digital Humanities; UCLA Film and Television Archive; UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive; UCLA Library; UCLA Music Library; Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies; and UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center. Funding is provided by the UCLA Interdisciplinary and Cross-Campus Affairs Office.