Featured Publication: Sex, Race, And Politics Free Speech On Campus
Sex, Race, And Politics Free Speech On Campus
Keith Fink

Sex, Race, and Politics: Free Speech on Campus provides a highly entertaining and academic look at free speech and association issues on the college campus. The presentation of the legal material mixed in with humorous fact patterns makes analysis of the cutting edge campus speech issues enjoyable. Each section includes in-depth discussion questions to encourage a deeper engagement and understanding of the text. Readers will come away with a command of the free speech rights of students and teachers, as well as understanding the meaning and implications of sexual and racial laws as applied in the school setting.

Keith Fink is a leading authority on harassment laws and free speech issues. He is an active trial lawyer, international speaker, and Professor at UCLA and Southwestern Law School. Professor Fink was a three-time National College Debate Champion while at UCLA. He is the founder of the law firm Fink & Steinberg which has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Macau. His practice focuses on Employment and Business Litigation. He speaks frequently on a variety of legal topics including the law on sexual harassment and is routinely retained to train on sexual harassment and investigate sexual harassment complaints.