Comm Archive "SAVE THE BETAS" crowdsourcing fundraiser starts TODAY!!
September 17, 2018

UCLA is currently embarking on an ambitious plan to digitize and preserve our television heritage. When completed, these historic news programs will be accessible online for scholars and the public through the UCLA Library. The student workers in our lab have already digitized tens of thousands of hours of newer VHS tapes, but we need your help to preserve our more endangered Betamaxes. You can help by:

  • Donating money to help us purchase and maintain high-quality Betamax players. Learn more about the impact of your gift by exploring our perks. 
  • If you have a working Betamax player (preferably one built within the last 35 years), you can donate it to us directly and receive credit for an in-kind contribution to UCLA. Contact Nicole Andolina from Communication Development if you would like to make a gift-in-kind. 
  • If you are a student at UCLA and are interested in working on the project, you can apply online here
  • If you live in the LA area and are interested in volunteering on our project, please email me at

Help us save our history.

Help us save our betas!