Summer 2020

The Department of Communication offers an outstanding summer program. The classes featured during sessions A and C are taught by our esteemed faculty and are full-credit UCLA courses. Our highly sought-after courses cover a wide range of topics in a convenient and personalized class setting with smaller class sizes. For UCLA students, these courses afford the opportunity to graduate early, or complete the 45-unit minimum to apply for admission to the program. For non-UCLA and high school students, it is a chance to take classes at UCLA and experience the wonderful campus. For international students, it is a chance to engage in the rigorous academic environment of UCLA while experiencing the great city of Los Angeles. This summer we offer the following courses:


Summer Session A: June 22-July 31 

COMM 1 - Principles of Oral Communication [Miller]
COMM 10 - Introduction to Communication [Suman]

COMM 100 - Communication Science [Jones/Bryant]
COMM 114 - Understanding Relationships [Suman]
COMM 120 - Group Communication [Bates]
COMM 148 - Marketing, Advertising and Human Nature [Feramisco]
COMM 157 - Celebrity, Fame, and Social Media  [Peterson]
COMM 166 - Inside Hollywood [Peterson]
COMM 188A - Sex in the Cinema [Hurwitz]
COMM 188D - Crisis Communication and Social Media [Radd]
COMM 195 - Summer Internship Course [Johnson/Svenson]

Summer Session C: August 3-September 11 

COMM 105 - Media Conspiracy Theories in U.S. and the Middle East [Arbabzadah]
COMM 109 - Entrepreneurial Communication [Peterson]
COMM 110 - Gender and Communication [Kicenski]
COMM M113  - Nonverbal Communication and Body Language [Shropshire/Johnson] 
COMM 140  - Theory of Persuasive Communication [Suman] 
COMM 148 - Integrated Marketing [Feramisco] 
COMM 156 - Social Networking [Peterson]
COMM 195 - Summer Internship Course [Johnson/Svenson]