The Chinese Debate Team

Jiao (Tammy) Tianhui

Tammy Jiao is a senior English major at Xi’an International Studies University. Upon graduation, she is going to pursue postgraduate studies in law. She now works as Chief Trainer of XISU English Debating Society, training junior debaters through regular meetings in her own institution.

During college, Tammy has been highly engaged in various English competitions, especially in debating. She won third place in the Fifth and Sixth Annual China Open Debates, second place in the National English Competition for College Students, and first place in the IDEA-XAUAT Debate Tournament. She is the semi-finalist and Best Speaker in the second Xi’an Debate Society Open, and the outstanding trainee in 2014 “Cornell China Cup” Winter Debate Training Camp. Apart from debating, Tammy loves to devote herself to volunteering. With her good command of piano and English, she often brings great happiness to orphanages and teaches English in primary schools around Xi’an. It will be a great honor for her to meet with excellent debaters from the U.S. and other countries.

Chen (Annie) Yongjia

Annie is a second-year student from the School of English and International Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University. She plans on participating in the international exchange program during her junior year. Annie loves debating as it always enlightens her to see things in a different light. She is currently in her third semester of competition for the BFSU English Debating Society. She is the octo-finalist of the Beijing Debate Challenge 2015, the semi-finalist of the Hong Kong Parliamentary Debate Summer Workshop BP Tournament 2015, and the open quarter-finalist at the Northeast Asian Open 2015. She is looking forward to participating in more debate activities in her following college years. Outside of debating, Annie has been a passionate MUNer for five years and she is now the Secretary General of BFSU’s Model United Nations Association.

Dongdong (Neo) Li

Neo is a senior student majoring in English at Xi’an International Studies University. He is admitted to continue postgraduate studies in Hunan University in the field of interpretation. He is devoted to training in debate on his campus as he is the current president of XISU English Debate Society.

In his debate career, Neo has participated in many regional tournaments. He is the finalist of the second Xi’an Debate Society Tournament, and the finalist of the IDEA-XAUAT Tournament. Apart from debate, Neo also took part in many other academic activities and was awarded as the Top84 in the 2015 National Model APEC Conference. In the future Neo intends to make full use of his talents and work as an interpreter.

Li (Kathy) Manyi

Kathy is a senior student majoring in English at Beijing Foreign Studies University. She will pursue postgraduate studies in the field of international law upon graduation. As the current captain of the BFSU English Debating Society, she has worked extensively as a trainer and judge in her own institution as well as in other institutions and workshops all over China.

In her 2-year debating career, Kathy has been to many tournaments. She is the EFL Champion of the 2015 Northeastern Asian Open, the champion of the 2015 FLTRP North East Regional, the EFL semi-finalist of the 2015 Malaysia Debate Open, the quarter finalist of the National and twice quarter-finalist of the Beijing Debate Challenge. In addition to debating, Kathy is a film and literature lover. She is also qualified as a literature teacher in one of the best high schools in Beijing. It is worth mentioning that her passion for filmmaking brought her to the U.S. for the first time two years ago, and she feels honored and blessed to be in this country again under the guidance of her another persisting passion: debate.