UCLA Students: Only regularly enrolled UCLA undergraduate students may apply for admission to the Communication major.

Students must have at least 45 UCLA letter-graded units (AP and Pass / No Pass do not count with the exception of Pass/No Pass policy allowances due to Covid-19) by the close of UCLA Summer Session A (7/29/22) with a minimum of 2 UCLA letter-graded courses from the major requirements, either lower or upper division, including Comm 10 for a valid application.  For the 2022 admissions cycle you must take Comm 10 for a valid application (*transfer students who have already fulfilled the Comm 10 requirement in community college per are exempt – do not repeat the course as you will receive no unit credit*).

Keep in mind that you do not need to complete all of the lower division Comm major requirements for a valid application.

The 2022 application period opens June 1 at 11am and closes on June 30, 2022 at 4PM * SHARP*.


Courses (and grades) completed in Summer Session A WILL be included in the application. Please enroll in your courses for Fall as if you were not accepted.  If you are admitted to the major, the department will assist you with classes and your academic planning.  

Incoming transfer students have one opportunity to apply (after completing your first year at UCLA).

It is not necessary to complete all of the lower division courses before applying.

    •  There is no minimum grade point average required for admission.
    •  Admission decisions are based solely on the current year’s pool of applicants.
    •  The Admission Committee’s criteria for acceptance are overall academic proficiency and courses relevant to the major. Please click here for more information on the application process and to view the two essay questions. 
    • A CREATIVE PROJECT is NOT required and will not be accepted for the application.

General Information

  •  Students not admitted at the sophomore or junior level may reapply the following year.
  •  If you have 140 units or more, please consult with a counselor before applying.
  •  Prospective double majors must be independently accepted into the department; there is no automatic acceptance.
  • Please keep in mind that Communication is an extremely competitive major so it is recommended to have a back-up major in place.
  •  The Admissions Committee gives detailed attention to every application it receives, and its decisions each year are final.  Other than to correct an error in the information it originally evaluated, the Admissions Committee is not able to comply with appeals from applicants for a second review.

Please DO NOT submit letters of recommendation — they will not be accepted.

Transfer students who have been accepted into the Comm major do not need to reapply.



For transfer students applying to the Comm major from community college or four year university, applicants must have a minimum 3.7 GPA at the time of application.  You must have a minimum of 60 semester or 90 quarter transferable units with at least four of the following seven lower division requirement courses completed with a letter grade by the end of fall quarter prior to transfer:

  • one course in interpersonal and mass communication – please refer to and note that in some cases two courses are required to fulfill the requirement (courses must be completed at the same institution for credit)
  • one course in principles of public speaking
  • one course in introduction to linguistics or cultural anthropology or philosophy of communication
  • one statistics course
  • three additional courses selected from the following four areas:
      •      introductory psychology
      •      introduction to American government/politics
      •      introductory sociology
      •      one course in microeconomics or introduction to political economy

PLEASE NOTE: An Advanced Placement (AP) score of 4 or higher can be used in place of the major prep course for the Statistics, Psychology or Microeconomics requirements but will NOT count towards the minimum four letter graded prep courses by the end of Fall semester prior to transfer for a valid application.

Please refer to the UCLA Transfer Admission Guide for up-to-date information regarding transfer selection for admission:

AND for any questions regarding articulating courses to UCLA. 

TRANSFER APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please note that the application period for transfer students applying to the Communication major for Fall 2022 is November 1-30, 2021.  Click here for more information.