Faculty Awards

UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award

The goal of the UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award is to increase awareness of UCLA’s leadership in teaching and public service by honoring individuals who bring respect and admiration to the scholarship of teaching. Among the factors considered in the selection process are the professor’s impact on students (e.g., the eventual success of the students, students who changed their major, career plans, or lives in some way);

Scholarly approach to teaching (e.g., the use of innovative teaching methods in the classroom; programmatic innovations in curriculum and the impact such innovations might have at the local or national level); size, number, and diversity of classes taught; involvement in community-linked projects and profession; and teaching ratings.

By recognizing teachers for their achievements, the award highlights to parents, donors and others what makes UCLA “a beacon of excellence in higher education.” These awards are an effective way to boost morale on campus and provide role models for faculty and students.

The Department of Communication faculty recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Award include:

1972   Ned A. Shearer

1974   Andrea L. Rich

1977   Jeffrey I. Cole

1979   Paul I. Rosenthal

1985   L. Geoffrey Cowan

1987   Jeffrey I. Cole

1991   Marde S. Gregory

Brian P. Copenhaver Award for Innovation in Teaching with Technology

This Innovation Award is by the UCLA Office of Instructional Development to recognize and honor faculty making innovative use of technology to improve undergraduate instruction.


2004 Tim Groeling

Tim Groeling in Communication Studies/Speech, for his innovative use of technology to teach political communication theory by giving students experience using multimedia tools to research, create, analyze, and debate political advertising.


2008 Francis Steen

Francis Steen, Communication Studies, in recognition of his development of the searchable, visually indexed Communication Studies Television News Archive.