COMM 1 – Principles of Oral Communications

Session A & C


There is nothing quite like the power of being able to articulate yourself! Learning to communicate with confidence and savvy empowers you! It enables you to express yourself and adapt to any communication event you might encounter. Taking Comm 1 offers students the opportunity to develop skills to speak effectively to an audience. You will learn to be audience-centered, gather potent evidence, produce an organized message and deliver it with charisma. Our class will be a safe space where we can all practice not only speech-making, but also interpersonal communication as well. We will write and present informative, impromptu and persuasive speeches using class collaboration to enhance our strengths and “polish” our weak spots. This class offers fun and practical ways to improve your communication—a skill that is needed in personal, professional and of course academic pursuits of all kinds!

Session A

Session C