COMM ST 148 – Integrated Marketing Communication

Session A


In this dynamic and interactive course, students will learn about marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, and branding strategies.  Students will work in teams to apply what they’ve learned by writing and presenting an integrated marketing communications plan for a fictitious product of their choice.  Assignments are very practical, and have helped many former students secure internship opportunities and excel in the growing field of marketing communications.

Celia Feramisco


Celia Feramisco

Celia Feramisco is an advertising, marketing and communications executive with 25 years of professional experience.  She spent a decade at award-winning advertising agencies famous for creating taglines such as “Got Milk?” and “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”  For fifteen years, she worked in marketing at Amgen, the world’s #1 biotechnology company and Fortune 500 company.  Feramisco traded industry for academia in 2014, in order to inspire tomorrow’s leaders to grow.  She teaches courses in Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Consumer Behavior, and more.