COMM 1A – Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers

Session A & C


This Summer in Los Angeles you are the star ! ! !

Have you ever wanted to speak with confidence?

Communication 1A, Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers, is a unique six-week, intensive session that is designed to make you the most accomplished speaker that you can possibly be.

This course was created for anyone who wishes to communicate easily and comfortably in social, business and academic situations. It was especially conceived for nonnative speakers of English to increase fluency and vocabulary while improving presentation skills, language usage, reasoning, style and delivery. The class incorporates conversation and pronunciation exercises. There is additional emphasis on the theory and practice of public expression, including selection of content, organization of ideas, language and delivery. Students may perform both extemporaneous and manuscript oration. Critical analysis of speeches in both contemporary and historical settings is covered. Specific attention is focused on group discussions and evaluations, as well as application of both public and private articulation skills.

Native speakers of English may also find the class very effective for their purposes. Professional, graduate and undergraduate programs have accepted it as satisfying their public speaking requirement, though this should always be validated before enrolling.

When you finish this course you are on your way to be a great speaker; in any country; under any condition; with friends and family; in political, cultural, social, professional and academic circumstances. Anywhere!



Tor Negrete / Sylvia Merschel