Field Studies

The Field Studies class, Comm 185, covers seven areas of communication work:  Journalism, Film, Television, Public Relations, Advertising, Music, and Communication Technology.  The Field Studies Instructor meets with students at least once during the quarter (outside of class hours), and is responsible for overseeing the evaluations.  Employers are required to collaborate with the Instructor to ensure that an appropriate educational environment for the interns is maintained.

Students hear speakers from a variety of entertainment and communication related industries in two-hour weekly class sessions.  The speakers, generally successful executives in their respective professions, provide students with a valuable career network.

Enrollment is restricted to Juniors and Seniors who have completed Comm 10:  Introduction to Communication.  It is offered on a Pass/No Pass basis for either 2 or 4 units each quarter and may be repeated for a maximum of 8 units.

For two units, each student is required to prepare a 12 to 15 page historical research analysis in the field of their internship.  Students who are taking the class for 4 units must write an additional paper which requires them to interview three people in their field of interest.  They must research and provide both the questions and a bibliography for their interviews.