Alyssa Golay

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Berkeley Law Student

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Work Experience

2013-2014 Administrative Assistant at UCLA Communication Studies Department
2013-2013 Legal Assistant at Doyle Law
2012-2013 JusticeCorps Legal Intern at San Fernando Courthouse
2011-2013 Research Assistant at UCLA Social Communication Lab
2009-2013 Administrative Assistant/Technician at Redlands Prosthetic & Orthotic Group, Inc.

Why did you choose Comm Studies as your major?

I was drawn to Comm Studies because of its interdisciplinary nature, outstanding faculty/staff, and vast subject matter.

Favorite UCLA memory and/or professor

First and foremost, my time at UCLA would not have been the same without Jane and Pia. They are the most fantastic people in the world and I am so fortunate to have met them as a student and worked with them after graduation. They have made such a profound impact on my life and I will be forever grateful for their support, encouragement, and guidance.

I learned so much from Professor Kelly (especially in CS 122-great class, everyone MUST take), Professor Johnson (I still use skills from CS 113), Professor Peterson (all that I learned in CS 150 has been invaluable and helped me so much) ... I could go on and on about every single member of our incredible faculty and staff but I'll save you the trouble having to read too much.

How has Comm Studies empowered you in your professional and personal life?

Comm Studies has helped me to grow and mature not only academically but also personally through the courses I have taken and the people I have met. This major teaches you to look at the world from a new perspective and changes how you interact with those around you.

What was the most valuable or applicable lesson you learned from a Comm Studies class?

From CS 122 with Professor Kelly: It does not matter what you mean to say, it matters how others interpret it. (Everything must be understood within the cultural, social, political, economic context in which it is being communicated)

What advice would you give to a current Comm Studies student?

Enjoy your time at UCLA, especially in the Comm Studies Department-Don't just focus on doing as much academically as you possible can, enjoy being a young person in LA! Go to the games, events, and talks on campus.

Be kind and respectful to everyone you meet. Ever person you meet is a human being with his/her own story and can teach you so much. As a Comm Studies student you are the best of UCLA but remember you can always learn more.

For you seniors out there-take advantage of Jane's emails!!!! Intern at a variety of places and visit the Career Center before you graduate (and have to pay for those services that are free to students).

Fun facts, interests, hobbies

I love to cook, bake, hike, ski, run, and EAT!

Significant Achievements

Completing the 2013 LA Marathon
Graduating from UCLA with a degree in Communication Studies, Political Science and minor in Global Studies Summa Cum Laude, Highest Departmental Honors, and College Honors
Being selected as a UCLA Distinguished Senior