Hillel Wasserman

Class of:


Current Occupation/Field of Work:

Recovering Motion Picture Marketing Specialist, transitioning into using my powers for good instead of evil as a non-profit consultant.

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Work Experience

• Talent Agent, Agency For The Performing Arts, Diamond Artists,
The Hillel Avery Wasserman Co.
• Advertising consultant, A&E
• Associate Creative Director, Columbia Pictures Home Video
• Creative Director, Audio-Visual, Columbia Pictures Theatrical
• Freelance Motion Picture Marketing Specialist, Paramount
Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Miramax, The
Walt Disney Co., 20th Century-Fox, Warner Bros., NBC, CBS,
• LGBT Community Outreach Specialist, Jewish Big Brothers Big
Sisters of Los Angeles

Why did you choose Comm Studies as your major?

It seemed easy. Little did I know.

Favorite UCLA memory and/or professor

My favorite memories are likely to land me in either state or federal prison, but I do fondly remember Dr. Andrea Rich, Dr. Geoff Cowan, Dr. Patrice French, Dr. Sara Puck, Dr. Harold Kelley, Dr. Eugenie Bernstein and, of course, Marde Gregory.

What was the most valuable or applicable lesson you learned from a Comm Studies class?

Interdependence Theory, where interpersonal relationships are characterized and evaluated in terms of cost/reward, rings true on a (predictably) daily basis. To have had the opportunity to learn this from one of its authors, Dr. Harold Kelley, was a true high-point in my academic career at UCLA. Made all the more memorable since the class met at 8:00am.

What advice would you give to a current Comm Studies student?

Develop a voice as a writer, it will serve you in any endeavor you choose. Oh, and floss.

Fun facts, interests, hobbies

I'm the most fun person in my family. And any of my relatives will attest to that fact.

Significant Achievements

I didn't take the bait on that "Favorite Memory" question, and I won't fall for it here either.