Patricia Garcia

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Mathon & Rosensweig Law Office

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Why did you choose Comm Studies as your major?

I found the program interesting and relevant and I liked that it covered a broad spectrum of subjects, giving me the opportunity to explore different fields while figuring out what I wanted to focus on.

Favorite UCLA memory and/or professor

At a school as big as UCLA, it is easy to get lost in a sea of students. When I first arrived at UCLA and specially at the comm dept, Jane Bitar really made me feel taken care of as an individual. She's personable and takes her time with each student, she really cares and makes us feel that she has our backs, and for that I am very grateful.

How has Comm Studies empowered you in your professional and personal life?

Its large scope has given me a knowledge that can be applied in many different areas. It has given me a broad range of opportunity.

What was the most valuable or applicable lesson you learned from a Comm Studies class?

Comm Studies is by nature, a field that changes rather fast and I learned that it's important to stay updated and keep your knowledge current way past graduation.

What advice would you give to a current Comm Studies student?

To stay on top of your game it helps to have an idea of the direction or career path you wanna pursue upon graduation. It helps to intern at different companies and get your feet wet in more than one area if you're unsure. That's a good way of figuring out what you like and dislike and what your strengths are.