China versus UCLA Debate on Syria

The Chinese Debate Team vs. the UCLA Debate Team on the

Issue of Admitting Syrian Refugees to the United States

Biannually, UCLA hosts the international Debate Team from China for a public debate regarding current issues worldwide. This tradition has allowed for both the debaters and student spectators to become educated on an issue from a multinational perspective, and is held very dear to the UCLA Debate Union. The information for the 2016 UCLA and China debate is given below as well as bios for the students competing.

Thursday, February 18th from 12:00-2:00 PM

UCLA School of Law, Room 1457

Debating the issue of whether or not Syrian refugees should be admitted to the United States, with an afterword by Communications Studies professor Paul Von Blum, J.D.

Debater Bios

The UCLA Debate Team

Austin Kaidi

Joseph Kahn

Vidya Krovvidi

Pratik Malshe

The Chinese Debate Team

Jiao (Tammy) Tianhui

Chen (Annie) Yongjia

Dongdong (Neo) Li

Li (Kathy) Manyi