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Undergraduate Communication Association

UCA Logo
The Undergraduate Communication Association (UCA) is a student-run organization that promotes interest and success in the field of communication and helps students develop an invaluable network with professionals and other members. UCA holds events for its members, such as:
  • Resume workshops, in which professional organizations such as the Career Center and Kaplan send representatives to help members improve their resumes.
  • Marketing focus groups, in which companies like Warner Brothers send representatives to hear input from members about marketing strategies for future films and products.
  • Biannual Networking Nights, in which professionals from various communications-related industries (such as NBCUniversal, Paramount, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, and more) come to UCLA to network with students.
There are no weekly meetings; there are general meetings at the beginning of each quarter. You do NOT have to be a Communication Studies major to become a member; we welcome all majors at UCLA! Please email if you are interested in becoming a member or have any questions regarding UCA. The application can also be found at UCA Application. We look forward to seeing your application and seeing you at our events!
UCA's Winter Networking Night 2014

UCA’s Winter Networking Night 2014 in Kerckhoff Grand Salon