Martie Haselton in the News!!

Research on ovulation by Martie Haselton, UCLA associate professor of communication studies and psychology, which showed that women pay more attention to their appearance as ovulation approaches, is reported today by the Los Angeles Times (Home Edition, Main News, Page A14), Chicago Tribune (Chicago Final Edition, News, Page 11), The Associated Press, The Guardian (London) (Guardian Home Pages, Page 13), The Daily Telegraph (Australia) (State Edition, Local, Page 17), The Courier Mail (Australia) (First with the news Edition, News, Page 21) and NPR’s “Morning Edition”; and was featured Tuesday by the Washington Post, Seattle Times (Fourth Edition, ROP Zone, Page A2), New York Post, Reuters News Service, Edmonton Sun (Alberta) (Final Edition, News, Page 24), China Daily, The Australian,,, ABC News Now and MSNBC’s “The Most.” Haselton was quoted in the stories. Research Connects Fertility, Fashion LAT,1,7277140.storyStudy links women’s fashion sense to ovulation TG,,1892508,00.htmlWomen Dress Best When Ready to Mate NPR