Martie Haselton in NPR’s AirTalk Interview: “Can a DNA Test Determine Partner Compatibility?”

Can a DNA Test Determine Partner Compatibility?San Diego-based matchmaking site SINGLDOUT has joined the ranks of other dating services using DNA to determine compatibility with partners. They’ve taken it a step further by launching a forthcoming mobile app to make finding love even easier. Once signed up, users receive a DNA kit where they provide a saliva sample, mail it back and complete a personality survey. They’ve partnered with the Canadian-based service Instant Chemistry. Researchers look at both the serotonin transporter gene, which shows how emotionally sensitive or stable a person is and at physical attraction based on three immune system genes. People are more compatible by how dissimilar their immune system genes are.Do these tests help for just immediate attraction or can long term compatibility be achieve by looking at DNA? What are the pitfalls of using DNA to find love?Click here to read more.