Dump Trump

Professor Bill Schneider – (REUTERS) Why Republicans hate the Republican Party so much

Warning to Republicans: beware the Ides of March.That would be Tuesday, Mar. 15, when four crucial states — Florida, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri — will hold primaries. It’s also the first day when Republican rules allow states, if they choose, to hold winner-take-all contests. Florida, with 99 delegates, and Ohio, with 66, are doing just that. Whoever comes in first wins the whole pot.Both states have a favorite son in the presidential race — Senator Marco Rubio in Florida and Governor John Kasich in Ohio. But the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump leads the polls in Florida and is closely competitive in Ohio. If Rubio and Kasich lose their home states, they would be finished.Anti-Trump Republicans are investing heavily to stop Trump. Three different political action committees are expected to spend more than $10 million on anti-Trump ads in Florida.Click here to read the full article.