Political Poison, by Professor Bill Schneider

HUFFINGTON POST – Donald Trump is injecting poison into the nation’s political bloodstream. He repeatedly advances wild conspiracy theories — the election is rigged, the press is out to get him, President Obama is a founder of ISIS. Trump has a fervid following, some of whom persist in believing his bizarre assertions. He started his political ascent as the leading proponent of the “birther’’ theory — the idea that President Barack Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen and is therefore an illegitimate President. That idea has been conclusively disproved. But it continues to thrive on the political fringe. A year ago, 20 percent of Americans said they believed that Obama was not born in the United States.Now Trump is raising suspicions that the debates may be fixed because two of them are being held on the same nights as National Football League games. “I wouldn’t be surprised if [Hillary Clinton’s] people had something to do with putting them on these evenings,’’ Trump has said. Never mind that the debate schedulewas set seven months before the NFL schedule was released.Click here to read the full article.