Prof Bill Schneider (REUTERS) How Clinton could lose even as she wins

It’s not enough to win the election. You also have to win the interpretation.That’s where your mandate comes from. What kind of mandate will Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton get if she wins? Much depends on her margin of victory. And her coattails.Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has indicated that he does not intend to concede, even if Republican leaders try to concede for him. Trump is already claiming the election is rigged. If he loses narrowly he will likely insist the election was stolen.Asked in the final debate Wednesday night whether he would accept the election result if he loses, Trump’s response was shocking: “I will tell you at the time. I will keep you in suspense.” Don’t expect Trump to fade away quietly. He’s making plans to start Trump TV in order to give himself a platform from which he can harass President Clinton. He could become the creepy clown of American politics.Click here to read the full article.