“Total War”, by Professor Bill Schneider

Huffington Post – After the French Revolution, it was said that the left and the right didn’t just dream of defeating each other. They dreamed of annihilating each other. Something like that is happening in the United States. We’ve gone from political polarization to total war.In total war, the enemy is considered illegitimate. Republicans have a long history of challenging the legitimacy of Democratic Presidents. In 1998, the Republican House of Representatives impeached Bill Clinton. This year, the Republican Senate refused to consider Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Donald Trump threatened to jail his Democratic opponent. Democrats are finally returning fire. They are warning the press not to “normalize’’ Trump by treating him as a legitimate President. Outraged Democrats are preparing opposition research to use against Trump’s cabinet nominations. Democrats may lack the votes to deny them confirmation, but they intend to make the process as painful as possible. A spokesman for one group told Politico, “Our goal is to help Senate Democrats keep Trump historically unpopular throughout his Administration, starting with these nomination fights.’’Click here to read the full article.