COMM 10 – Introduction to Communication

Session A


This course is designed to introduce you, in general terms, to the study of interpersonal and mass communication. The approach will be inter‑disciplinary. You will be exposed to some of the basic methods and theoretical perspectives that social scientists and others use to study interpersonal and mass communication and many of the basic concepts that they use to describe and explain that communication. You will also be given a basic historical overview of each of the major mass media.

The basic objectives of this course are long‑term and intellectual in nature. Greater understanding of yourself and your world will result from the serious study of interpersonal and mass communication. The course will also provide the student with a foundation for further study in the discipline.

Michael W Suman


Michael Suman

Michael Suman studies mass media effects, media and culture, and new communications technologies. Prior to working for our department, he lectured at various locations and universities throughout Asia, and was the Project Coordinator for UCLA’s Television Violence Monitoring Project and Research Director for UCLA’s Center for Communication Policy. Since 2004, he has also served as Research Director of the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future. He has authored and edited numerous publications related to the impact of computers and the Internet on society. He has also published work on television violence, religion and the media, and advocacy groups and the media.