Marde Gregory

Marde S Gregory

Marde Gregory

Sr. Lecturer Emeritus

Office: 2332 Rolfe Hall


Phone: 310-206-8429

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I teach two things. The first is the act of communicating which is a skill that I have been researching for the past fifty years. The second thing that I teach is an internship class having to do with the professional world of communication. Oh, and I have been teaching here for the past forty years. This means that I have forty years of formers, one year of currents, and a few more years of futures. And so many of my formers are now outstanding professionals. My current technique is a seven step series which all begins with each student I am teaching, my investigation of them, each one’s investigation of themselves and which concludes with each one voicing who they are and what they believe. In addition, I specialize in understanding success in the professional communication community. So many of my formers have become wonderfully successful. I studied them, watched them, learned about them and their businesses and now feel comfortable sharing success with others. So, please don’t be afraid of me. After all, I am the most wonderful and in fact the kindest mean person you will ever know.


B.A., University of California, Los Angeles
M.A., University of California, Los Angeles