Rick Dale

Rick Dale

Rick Dale


Office: 2316 Rolfe Hall

Email: rdale@ucla.edu

Phone: 310-794-7193

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I am a cognitive scientist interested in the dynamics of cognition and communication.
Communication is complex. In just a few seconds of behavior, humans deploy many interlocked signals to convey meaning, including eye movements, voice patterns, body movements, and much more. I study how such natural and complex human communication is organized in time. More recently, I have developed new research streams exploring principles of very large-scale communication systems, such as interaction in social media.I use diverse research methods, including computational modeling, analysis of naturalistic behavior, and human experimentation. I use these techniques to investigate a diverse range of language-related phenomena with students and collaborators: conversation, thinking in language, sentence processing, word categorization, and even deception. For example, I have studied how people become coupled together during linguistic interaction (such as in their eye movements), and how body movement can signal the “breakdown” of interaction during face-to-face conflict. My work is motivated by the ideas and tools used in the study of complex dynamical systems. Please see my personal and laboratory websites for more information and core readings.


Dynamical systems of interpersonal communication; computational modeling; analysis of naturalistic behavior; cognitive science