Rick Dale

Rick Dale

Professor and Mark Allen Itkin Centennial Chair in Communication

Office: 2316 Rolfe Hall

Email: rdale@ucla.edu

Phone: 310-794-7193

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I am a cognitive scientist, and study the orchestral properties of communication – from the blink of an eye to the rhythm of a voice. Ever wonder how our eye movements sync during a conversation or how body language can spotlight a disagreement? I use diverse research methods, including computational modeling, analysis of naturalistic behavior, and human experimentation. I have used these techniques to investigate a wide range of language-related phenomena with students and collaborators: conversation, thinking in language, sentence processing, word categorization, conflict, deception and more. Please see my personal and laboratory websites for more information and core readings. I am from Toronto’s eastern suburbs, and have a BA in Linguistics from the University of Toronto (UTSC) and a Ph.D in Psychology from Cornell University.


Dynamical systems of interpersonal communication; computational modeling; naturalistic behavior; cognitive science

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Lab website: https://co-mind.org/