Graduate Program Faculty Research Descriptions

The Ph.D. program in communication consists of three research sub-areas: Communication and Cognition, Computational Communication, and Political Communication. Several faculty are affiliated with more than one sub-area.

Mario Biagioli

Mario Biagioli – Distinguished Professor (Computational Comm)

Scientific communication; publication ethics and misconduct; science and technology studies; copyright law; media history; brands

Greg Bryant

Greg Bryant – Professor (Comm & Cognition)

Vocal communication; cross-cultural vocal production and perception; voice acoustics; pragmatics; music cognition; evolution and human behavior

Steven Clayman

Steven Clayman – Professor (Comm & Cognition)

Conversation analysis; interaction in journalism and politics; interaction and social institutions

Rick Dale

Rick Dale – Professor (Comm & Cognition and Computational Comm)

Dynamical systems of interpersonal communication; computational modeling; analysis of naturalistic behavior; cognitive science

Tao Gao

Tao Gao – Assistant Professor (Computational Comm and Comm & Cognition)

Human social perception and cognition; development of artificial intelligence; intention recognition; statistical modeling in cognitive science

Tim Groeling

Tim Groeling – Professor (Political Comm)

Media bias; presidential communication; party cohesion and the media; political communication

Martie Haselton

Martie Haselton – Professor (Comm & Cognition)

Intimate relationships; psychology of mating; social endocrinology; bias in social inference; sex differences; evolution and human behavior

Kerri Johnson

Kerri Johnson – Professor (Comm & Cognition)

Nonverbal visual communication; body motion analysis; social categorization; social vision

Jungseock Joo

Jungseock Joo – Assistant Professor (Computational Comm and Political Comm)

Artificial intelligence; deep learning; computer vision; human-AI interaction; social and political event analysis; visual persuasion; computational communication

Georgia Kernell

Georgia Kernell – Assistant Professor (Political Comm)

Party strategy; voter behavior; electoral competition; political communication; U.S. and comparative politics; formal theory; quantitative methods

PJ Lamberson

PJ Lamberson – Associate Professor (Computational Comm)

Mathematical and computational modeling; social networks; social influence; collective intelligence; computational communication

Francis Steen

Francis Steen – Associate Professor (Computational Comm)

Multimodal communication in mass media; advertising; entertainment; cognitive modeling; computational communication; data science

Steve Stroessner

Steve Stroessner – Professor (Comm & Cognition)

Stereotyping and prejudice; human and machine interaction; social cognition

Lynn Vavreck

Lynn Vavreck – Professor (Political Comm)

Campaigns; elections; public opinion; advertising; messaging; political communication

Anne Warlaumont

Anne Warlaumont – Associate Professor (Comm & Cognition and Computational Comm)

Early vocal development; evolution of human vocal signals; word learning; computational communication